Firetrucks and product ownership
I walked past a fire station the other day and saw a magnificent red fire truck sitting out front. Wow I thought, this machine has been
Commodity and Utility in the AppStore
When visualizing successful product adoption, we often use s-curves to show the value. I believe we find a similar trend if we look at types of
Redwoods and Re-orgs
The San Francisco Bay area is a world of micro-climates and diverse ecosystems. Traveling a few miles in any direction and you can witness the vast
Why I pay for articles
I love reading! In the early days of the internet, content seemed pure. People wrote because they wanted to write. Content discovery took more work, but
Servant Leadership, Invert the hierarchy
Top down, bottoms up, servant leadership, micromanagement; there are so many words that describe management hierarchies. To take a reductionist view of management, it exists to
1:1 questions for work
1:1's can get dull pretty quick if you don't change things up. I'm a big fan of walking around, or going to a different area
Fragility can be measured; risk is not measurable. Anything that has more upside than downside from random events (or certain shocks) is antifragile; the reverse is
Algorithms to live by
Optimal stopping problem. Aka the secretary problem. Time to a search if unbounded. If number of candidates is fixed. If no incomplete information, observation only, then