Risk is unknowable future, for gains and losses. An edge is an information edge, tendencies (likely to happen) need to take into account factors. Hard to
Forecasters are just Chips throwing darts at a dartboard, little better than guessing. Butterfly effect, LaPlasses Deamon, lorenzes cloud. We live in a world of predictability
Shifts into easier more logistic work. Network tools move things from deep to shallow Average is over, technology segments and remote work will raise up stars
"I wonder" are two of the most powerful words in the english language. It causes the brain to open doors. It inherently challenges assumptions.
Thinking critically is judging strength or weakness. Questions vs noun phrases, generally stating association between two objects. Look out for the explicitness of a claim. Reasons
Scaling up Excellence Life is messy Scaling depends on people Focus on you first Focus on the ground battles not the air battle. Grit drives people
Motivation can be elusive. Thankfully, we have grown out of the dark ages of Pavlovian motivation theory, where extrinsic rewards drive all human wants and needs.
In the imperative and functional programming patterns of today, TDD can be thought of as stating the requirements for your interface, object, etc. There are programming